UBC Learning Circle and CTLT Indigenous Initiatives Programming Partnership

Over the past two years we have valued the strategic partnership with the UBC Learning Circle. Through this partnership, we have had the privilege of participating in and contributing to communities connected to the UBC Centre for Excellence in Indigenous Health through the webcasts of our Classroom Climate series.

This year we are excited to continue working together to offer four sessions on the following topics:

  •      Cultural Safety and Addressing Systemic Racism, facilitated by Harley Eagle on September 18, 2018
  •      Cultural Safety and Leadership, facilitated by Harley Eagle on November 15, 2018
  •      Connecting to Land, facilitated by IndigenEYEZ on January 24, 2019
  •      The Role of an Ally, facilitated by IndigenEYEZ on February 21, 2019


Synopsis of Harley Eagle’s Sessions:

Harley Eagle, MA, is Dakota and Ojibway, and a member of Whitecap Dakota First Nation. He looks to Indigenous life ways to guide his work and is experience in training and consultation in the fields of transforming conflict, anti-racism, dismantling oppression, cultural safety and trauma healing.

We were fortunate to have Harley join us on September 15th, for a session during which Harley held a conversation on cultural safety and addressing systemic racism. Harley’s session identified the racism in both health and educational settings that confronts all Indigenous people. Additionally, he provided us insight on how to cultivate a culturally safe setting through detecting the underlying power dynamics that contribute to unsafe settings and addressing health provider and staff behaviors. Throughout the session, Harley took care to illustrate how many of these power dynamics of racism have become normalized because of systemic processes like colonization.

Missed out on Harley’s first session on “Cultural Safety and Addressing Systemic Racism”? Read about the past session and watch a recording here.

Harley Eagle continued the conversation on November 15th, this time focusing on how models of leadership can be framed when operating from a culturally safe perspective. The session, titled “Cultural Safety and Leadership,” explored important elements for leaders to consider in creating culturally safe organizations. In this era of reconciliation, creating culturally safe organizations has become a significant priority for many health care organizations and educational institutions. As Harley illustrated throughout this session, a pivotal step in creating culturally safe organizations and shifting current paradigms is to support and empower leaders who are dedicated to the tenets of cultural safety and humility we have outlined in this series.

Missed out on Harley’s second session on “Cultural Safety and Leadership”? Read about the past session here and watch a recording here:


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