CTLT Indigenous Initiatives Welcomes New Staff, Hannah Coderre

CTLT Indigenous Initiatives is pleased to welcome Hannah Coderre. Hannah will be taking on a new role in our team- Educational Consultant, Curriculum and Student Development. In her role, she will work closely with a number of our partner units on campus such as the First Nation’s House of Learning, Arts Indigenous Student Advising and other units supporting Indigenous students at UBC.

We asked Hannah to share a few fun facts about herself.

Three Fun Facts

  1. Being from the northern Albertan prairies, I never thought I could love the ocean as much as I currently do. Seeing and being near the ocean has become my home away from home.
  2. I love crafting, like knitting and cross-stitching, but learning and doing Métis beadwork and embroidery brings me the greatest joy.
  3. I have a dedicated shelf on my fridge for various kinds of hot sauces. I have family members who keep a little jar of hot sauce for when I visit.

What are some of the things you have started working on in your new role? And what are some of the areas you are looking forward to exploring?

Since starting in my new role, I have mainly been working through the onboarding process. But what excites me the most is virtually meeting my new team members in the Indigenous Initiatives team and beyond. I have met some of my new peers throughout UBC in the Indigenous Working Group, and it was so nice to see some familiar and new faces in the group. I was also able to attend the workshop, Sincerity, Respect, and Meaning: Virtual Land Acknowledgement at UBC, delivered by some of my teammatesSo far, it has been a grounding introduction to the work that occurs with the CTLT – Indigenous Initiatives teams on the traditional, ancestral, and unceded territories of the Musqueam people.

Witnessing team members deliver their presentation and cultivate a space of deep authenticity within a virtual space was an honour – leaving me wanting to explore more about connections, relationships, and community building in our current virtual climate. I’m looking forward to learning more about our partnerships, projects, and the work taken on my colleagues. I am particularly interested in learning more about Indigenous student experiences on campus and their online experiences through some of our projects, such as the What I Learned in Class Today Renewed Project.

What excited you about joining this team/working on this project?

I am coming to this team from a community education background and as a recent UBC student who navigated the complexities of finding community and voice on campus. I am passionate about community, Indigenous education, and student experiences. Joining the CTLT- Indigenous Initiatives team in this new role embodies all three things. Most importantly, I’m excited that I get to work with our teams and partners to ensure that our programming, resources, and services center Indigenous student’s voices and perspectives. I am full of gratitude for this opportunity to do this work, learn, and grow alongside the CTLT team.


Carousel Image by Annie Spratt