Indigenous Initiatives Design Series

The Indigenous Initiatives Design Series (II Design Series) is a cohort program for instructors and members of the UBC teaching and learning community who come to Indigenous topics with different levels of knowledge and expertise. This is a three-part workshop series for anyone who wants to:

  • Share practices to support meaningful and responsible engagement with Indigenous content and ways of knowing
  • Redesign elements of their teaching and learning projects and resources
  • Model and explore educational materials
  • Apply classroom climate principles to everyday learning design situations

Through interactive, blended synchronous and asynchronous activities and peer-to-peer discussion, they will take a closer look at classroom climate, instructor/student positionality, and place.

Completion of the II-Design Series requires 13-15 hours total time commitment, including:

  • Attendance and active participation in 3 half-day synchronous workshops (9 hours)
  • Asynchronous learning activities, homework, and preparation before and between meetings (4 to 6 hours – Canvas)

Program Objectives

Through participating in this workshop series, you will:

  1. Identify and reflect on the mindset shift you need to engage with as you integrate and center Indigenous knowledges, histories and content in your course and teaching practices.
  2. Narrate your own experiences, histories with place, and what has influenced your learning of Indigenous knowledges and perspectives to begin crafting a positionality statement.
  3. Consider some diverse experiences of Indigenous students at UBC and within the context of all learners in your classroom.
  4. Identify and discuss different aspects of classroom climate as it relates to integrating Indigenous knowledges and perspectives in your course.
  5. Locate points of connection within your course and teaching, set some actionable goals related to those points of connection, start “walking the path” as an iterative process.

If you would like to participate in a series in the future, please add your name to theĀ email list.