Musqueam Advisory

Indigenous Initiatives benefits from taking part in an advisory group comprised of the Musqueam Treaty, Lands and Resources Department; the Musqueam Language and Culture Department; the Museum of Anthropology; and the First Nations and Indigenous Studies Program. The group meets once a month for feedback, guidance, and discussions about emerging ideas and programming at CTLT connected to ongoing initiatives at Musqueam and other partnerships at UBC. This advisory group is integral to CTLT as it ensures that accurate representations and information are conveyed through respectful consultation with the Musqueam First Nation.

Faculty Advisory Group on Indigenous Classroom Climate Issues 

Indigenous Initiatives works closely with a core group of faculty and community members to identify and discuss key issues related to working with Indigenous material in the classroom. This working group meets twice a year and includes members of the Musqueam First Nation; Indigenous faculty; Indigenous studies scholars; and those who engage critically, innovatively, and ethically with Indigenous issues in their teaching. Faculty Advisory members offer guidance on pedagogical considerations that relate to classroom climate. They are knowledgeable and experienced with the issues and challenges that arise for both students and instructors in courses with Indigenous content. We recognize the valuable service that members of this Advisory contribute to the university in sharing their experience, knowledge, expertise, and leadership towards shaping innovative approaches to teaching and learning with significant impacts on how we think about classroom and campus climates.