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TLEF Project Update: “Responsible Receiving”

TLEF Project Update: “Responsible Receiving”

Work on the Time and Place at UBC: Our Histories and Relations project throughout this past fall semester has proven to be productive.

Indigenous Initiatives Practicum Student Victoria Cooke

Introducing…Indigenous Initiatives Practicum Student Victoria Cooke

Victoria Cooke, a fourth year UBC student majoring in First Nations and Indigenous Studies, and Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice, will be working with us on her research practicum on a survey of UBC international and English as an Additional Language students’ learning about Indigenous topics and perspectives.

What is the Power of a Name

The Power of a Name film series examines contested histories of naming at UBC

“The Power of a Name” is a film series that examines the contested history of naming practices at UBC’s first year student residence, Totem Park, and features stories of relationships between UBC and Indigenous communities.