Fall 2022 Update from the Anti-Racist Teaching and Learning Team

Welcome back to campus, everyone! We hope you had a lovely summer and that you are as excited as we are to start the Fall term.

The Anti-Racist Teaching and Learning (A-RTL) program has had a busy summer and we’re happy to share some updates as to what we’ve been up to and our planning for the fall term.

STEM Cohort  

In June and July, we had the pleasure of working with the Faculty of Applied Sciences to offer a cohort for 15 faculty members from Science, Forestry, and Applied Science. Over four synchronous workshops, participants were able to engage with anti-racist topics such as power, privilege, positionality, identity, solidarity, intersectionality, and anti-oppression. We appreciated everyone’s participation, contributions, and engagement in the cohort and we look forward to touching base with you soon to follow up on your ongoing journey of anti-racist education! 

Upcoming Cohort  

A-RTL is shifting towards a cohort model approach and we are planning to offer more cohort-based programming each year. With that being said, plans to offer an open cohort later this academic year are in the works! This open cohort will be a blended model that involves synchronous workshops and asynchronous work completed individually. The cohort does require some pre-requisite knowledge and those new to anti-racism work should complete two of our workshops in advance: Identity Matters: Connecting Power, Privilege and Bias to Anti-Racism Work; and Anti-Racism & Solidarity in University Settings. In order to provide ample opportunity for those who are interested in attending our pre-requisite sessions, please see below for workshop dates and times. We will be sharing more details about registration for this open cohort in upcoming newsletters so stay tuned!

Fall Programming  

Our planning and facilitation team has been working away these past few months to develop our Fall programming plan. With the upcoming open cohort in 2023,  A-RTL will focus on offering the pre-requisite workshops for the cohort. We do encourage those who are starting their anti-racist journey to register for our Fall workshops, regardless of whether you plan to join our open cohort or not.

Upcoming Workshops  

We are offering the following workshops this term:  

  • Identity Matters: Connecting Power, Privilege and Bias to Anti-Racism Work  – Sept. 20th from 10am-12pm 
  • Identity Matters: Connecting Power, Privilege and Bias to Anti-Racism Work – Oct. 26th from 1pm-3pm  
  • Anti-Racism & Solidarity in University Settings – Nov. 10th from 10am-12pm 
  • Anti-Racism & Solidarity in University Settings – Nov. 30th from 1pm-3pm


If you are interested in exploring more resources and opportunities to deepen your anti-racist learning and practice, please refer to the list of resources below:  

  • https://courses.cpe.ubc.ca/browse/ubcv/faculty-of-education/courses/historical-systemic-and-intersectional-antiracism 
  • Articles and readings: