Hello from the Anti-Racist Teaching and Learning Team!  

It’s been a minute since we said hi. We are excited to announce the launch of our new program taking place this Spring!  

But first, a little backgrounder: A-RTL programming aims to cultivate teaching and facilitation practices that support anti-racist solidarity, by supporting equitable learning environments and caring classroom spaces where learners who identify as IBPOC can thrive. A-RTL was formed in 2020 in response to increasing global awareness of interpersonal, structural, and institutional racism, including a rise in racially motivated violence. There was an urgent need at UBC for educators to build an understanding of anti-racism in teaching and learning spaces.  Working closely with campus partners, such as the Equity and Inclusion Office (EIO) and the Faculty of Applied Sciences, A-RTL team members delivered a blend of workshops and custom cohort programming to support this need.  

In 2023, A-RTL was able to expand its reach with support of new team members Shannon Robinson, Nathalie Lozano-Neira and Lauren Casey. The team engaged in evaluative and strategic planning guided by intimate reflections on the program and feedback from participants. Through this process we learned that:  

  • Participants expressed gratitude for the opportunity to learn in group environments, where learning is guided by a sense of connection to place as well as to one another.  
  • This work is deeply personal, relational and at times vulnerable. The modelling of personal experience and stories from facilitators was valuable for participants. 

We also heard participants expressing a need for more concrete strategies for incorporating this learning into their classrooms and teaching practices. There was a desire to move beyond conceptual knowledge of anti-racism and engage deeper to apply these practices in a meaningful way. There was a desire from participants and facilitators alike to move out of the online space and engage relationally with one another.  

Our Next Steps: Applying Anti-Racist Pedagogy in the Classroom 

We are so excited to share in the launch of our new cohort program, Applying Anti-Racist Pedagogy In the Classroom (AA-RPC), being delivered in-person this June at UBC Vancouver campus!    

AA-RPC is designed to meet the goals of participants who are working to incorporate anti-racist teaching and learning approaches into their practice(s). Core to its design are opportunities for participants to work collaboratively, to support each other, and engage in dialogue about anti-racist work in their own teaching contexts. By creating an environment grounded in relationality and emphasizing the importance of continuous learning, the A-RTL team hopes to contribute to the expansion of networks and coalitions of care across the campus.   

We hope you will join us for this exciting new program! We invite you to read more about the program on our website and feel free to reach out to Shannon (shannon.robinson@ubc.ca) with any questions about the program.