CTLT Indigenous Initiatives Welcomes New Staff, Aimee Beauchamp!

CTLT Indigenous Initiatives is pleased to welcome Aimee Beauchamp to the team!

Aimee will be joining our team in the role of Educational ConsultantAimee will be working with other CTLT Indigenous Initiatives staff to support professional development programming, educational resources, and strategic initiatives related to Indigenous engagement in teaching and learning.

To get to know Aimee, we asked her to share some fun facts about herself.

Three Fun Facts 

  1. I participate in a bachelor/bachelorette brackets almost every season of the show. 

    Aimee Beauchamp, Educational Consultant

  2. I had a video on Tiktok go viral.  
  3. My favourite strategy for managing my anxiety is watching cheesy, predictable rom-coms. 

What are some of the things you hope to work on or explore in your role?  

Throughout my career as an educator and in my cultural practices, I’ve held the belief that knowledge is relational. We understand concepts, objects, and people through our relationship to them. Because knowledge and education go hand-in-hand, I’m excited to explore the role and impact of relationship in educational spaces.  

The Classroom Climate Series is something I hope to become involved in because it specifically looks at unpacking the various relationships that naturally occur in the classroom, such as the relationship to the physical location or to social positioning. My background in counselling psychology makes me particularly interested in the way emotions and trauma are shaped by and shape the classroom, and I hope to contribute some ideas around this.  

Additionally, I’m looking forward to collaborating on the work being done in the Anti-Racist Teaching and Learning series. I feel these workshops continue to explore the relational dynamics within education by examining our relationship to our own identity, the identity of others, and the external factors that have shaped these relationships.   

I’m also hopeful that I’ll be able to dig into the complex work of differentiating uncomfortable situations that create opportunities for growth and unsafe situations that require harm to be repaired. I believe this is as an essential skill in creating educational spaces that are empowering for all. Ultimately, my hope in this role is to contribute resources and provide support that can help shift the way we view education by centring Indigenous perspectives and understandings of learning.  

What excited you about joining this team/working on this project? 

I’m always drawn to spaces that are committed to valuing the individual perspectives and experiences in an effort to build stronger and healthier communities. It was clear to me right away that the Indigenous Initiatives team takes a very collaborative approach to projects. I’ve seen how effective collaboration can be in creating positive change and I’m excited to have the opportunity to be a part of that change. I have such a love for education because I truly believe that it is a path to liberation, but only when we decolonize our pedagogy. To be a part of a team whose whole focus is to find the best ways to do that is a dream. 


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