CTLT Indigenous Initiatives Welcomes New Staff, Jessica Schaub!

CTLT Indigenous Initiatives in pleased to welcome Jessica Schaub to the team!

Jessica will be joining our team as a graduate student facilitator for the Classroom Climate Equity and Inclusion project to develop curricula and training materials for Teaching Assistants at UBC-V.

To get to know Jessica, we asked her to share some fun facts about herself.

Three fun facts

  1. I have my dive master certification and I teach SCUBA diving courses in Vancouver. I’ve been lucky to dive in many places, including with sharks in South Africa!
  2. I recently completed my first solo backpacking trip in Golden Ears to celebrate the end of my MSc.
  3. I participated in an international advertisement campaign for UBC, so my giant face appeared on billboards and TVs from 2019-2020 (ourpotential.ca/clean-oceans/)

What are some of the things you have started working on in your new role? And what are some of the areas you are looking forward to exploring?

I’ve been a student at UBC since 2013 and I have experienced both sides of the classroom as a student and a TA. I also work closely with Indigenous undergraduates and know the struggles that are often faced in classrooms at UBC. I am excited to use my experiences and knowledge to see what I can co-develop with the fantastic teams at Indigenous Initiatives and the Equity and Inclusion Office. I hope that through this project, I can contribute to ensuring Indigenous students across campus have enjoyable learning experiences in their classrooms.

What excited you about joining this team/working on this project?

The role as a graduate student facilitator with the Classroom Climate Equity and Inclusion project is at the intersection of the initiatives and experiences that I’ve had on campus – it offers an opportunity to continue supporting Indigenous students while simultaneously working in learning spaces across campus. The role offers me a chance to combine my various outreach experiences into one big, meaningful project.

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